Thursday, October 2, 2008

Plants do have intelligence...

I were reading a friction novel where in one of the chapter, i had come across the conversion between two, one saying plants have intelligence. I didn't believe as other character in the novel did. Then i googled to figure out.

Yes, they do have.

Does this make you marvel as i did? Plants exhibit several intelligences such as love, hatred, scream, communicate, defend. They do love music and some are meat-eaters as we are.

Do you interested to know how they proved these facts? If yes, then go ahead with your reading.

To prove love and hatred, they attached electrode of the polygraph to plant, started whispering nearer to it saying you are so beautiful, then the needle of the polygraph hiked little. When they whispered saying you are so ugly, it hiked more.

Next, how did they screamed? A guy asked to take two plants in hand. First one attached with electrode and the second is made to be killed in front of other(yes, it is murdered). Then asked to pass the guys who were innocent to pass through the witnessed one, the needle of the polygraph is steady. When the guilty one passed by, needle hiked to greater extent.

Do you believe they communicate each other? you need to do and they use chemical substance by name phermones to communicate between them as animals/insects use.

Some plants defend themselves by generating alkaloids to make them unpalatable to insects.

Even they love music. Our indian scientist by name sir jagadish chandra bose who took three flowered plants. One was made to listen to acid rock music and other made to listen to soft sitar music and third without music. What he observed was amazing, the first one was dead and the third one growing normally and the second one beautifully blossomed and growing towards music.

Some of them are meat-eaters(i.e carnivorous plant). They attract insects and trap them, digest and absorb nutrients out of it.

To conclude, plants are also living being as animals with emotions and intelligences. So those guys who intake vegetarian are even non-vegetarian from this perspective.

What do you say?

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