Monday, September 22, 2008

Art of living

Everyone in this world wants to be happy but they don't know how to be. Is there any one to teach that? Yes, Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder of Art of living foundation. You guys already might heard of him and about this foundation.

When someone is not happy? if he or she is stressed. In day to day life, every one get stressed up with personal problem or work-related problem. What happens if they are not taken care? get piled up and finally burst into mental/psychological problems. How to escape from stress? No way, but we can vapourise them through some techniques.

Technique or trick? it is a breathing technique by name sudharshan kriya is teached in all art of living centers as a part of basic course. How it is different from others? I don't know but it worked for everyone who went through even for me.

If you ask me for suggestion, i will say take this course in AOL(Art of living) ashram located in bangalore, India. Advantage of being there is a very beautiful and pleasant location, being away from buzzing sound of city traffic, healthy food and satsang(will get know when you are there).

Even if you are located offsite to india, still you may be able to take this course since AOL centers are available in 140 countries and hope you are lucky enough to be in among them.

Be happy and make others happy... Jai Guru Dev

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