Sunday, September 28, 2008

My name going to be around the earth

NASA accepted to place my name in microchip of their Glory satellite which will be launched by june 2009.

Certificate of Participation

This certificate recognizes that

Kasiperumal Achappan

has joined the Glory "Send Your Name Around the Earth" project

Glory : "We Got Your Back, Earth"

Date : September 28, 2008 | Certificate No : 44040

The Glory Mission will:

  1. Measure solar energy entering the Earth's atmosphere
  2. Collect data on the properties of natural and human-caused
    aerosols in the Earth's atmosphere

Glory is a NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Mission.

Does it make you to wonder? If yes, then your next question might be what you did to make this happen.

Simple, I got into NASA website to register for "Send your name around the earth" project. This project allows all of us to be part of their scientific mission, by placing all registered names in microchip of their glory satellite which will be monitoring effect of solar energy on earth as well as effect of aersols on atmosphere, more accurately than before.

If you wish to register yourself with this mission, then follow the below link,

Be proud to have your name around the orbit for several years to come...

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