Friday, September 26, 2008

Like being in bangalore

Amongst its problem such as dust, traffic jam and high cost of living, why i like being here might be your question.

Almost all the people coming down here like this city for certainly one reason. Yes, you are right, for its awesome climate. Yes me too like this moderate climate and got used to it. Moreover i was from hotter place located in south tamilnadu, so even i feel more good about being here.

Next good thing, i see here is BDA parks and trees located on sides of the road throughout the city. Thats why it might be called as garden city i think. Being around this green is very pleasant feeling and moreover my mama goes for walk every day to park to keep her health in tact as per doctor's suggestion.

As you guys know that bangalore is a cosmopolitan city, hence i got opportunity to learn several languages such as hindi, kannada, telugu but not perfectly. Moreover, chance to mingle with these different people from different state gave different experiences and their rituals such as marriage, festivals etc.. made me to wonder and interesting.

What make the weekend fun here is pubs(famous for), variety of restaurants, malls, cinema halls. We people often meet at a most happening place, forum mall. We usually go there and watchout for the variety of chicks(wont find anywhere like this, may be a special boon to this city.Double check this with guys if you dont trust me) by sitting at the sides of the way with drinks in hand, i meant the cool drinks.

These are few reasons why i like this city of diversity..

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