Saturday, September 20, 2008

Love Mozilla Firefox Browser

Why i love this browser? Lot of add-ons available to ease your browsing. For the two days, i were looking at the firefox add-ons homepage and installed around thirty of them. Now my FF3 is fully loaded for go.Some of the add-ons which needs to be highlighted are gTalk Sidebar, Mouseless browsing, Taboo.

I were using google talk in windows but on moving to ubuntu, i came to know that it is not available for linux. That was not of end of chat, but i were trying to get someother messenger for linux such as jabbin but not configured it for use(not willing to move to other). I got this gTalk Sidebar add-on which gives the same look and feel but better than google talk by having it in sidebar.

Mouseless browsing is the one among the best firefox addon which i like to recommend for laptop users since touchpad is not convenient for many. Recently i got a new cute optical mouse to use with laptop but i am not using that though since carrying it along with laptop around the home to browse is sick to do. This addon made me to do everything without touchpad and made me to browse faster.

Taboo is the another useful addon. Most of us might encountered with situation while reading the webpage got to go out for several reason and want to read on back.If you save them to taboo, you can resume them from the point where you left with.

Moreover this is my first blog!!!

Welldone ...doing self-motivation...hahaha


Viji said...

mate, u might also wanna try out google chrome and IE7 too. U might wanna try out incognito opt in Chrome, after which ths blog might be titled 'Luv U Chrome'!!! ;)

Viji said...

btw.. congrats on ur blog!!!